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Everything you need for premium Bose sound. One compact package. The L1 Compact PA System delivers crystal-clear sound with sparkling highs and rich bass responses. And it's portable. So you can share this sound wherever you go.

Boasting a modular design, you can take the L1 apart and build it back up again. Maximising its portable capabilities as well as speeding up the setup and breakdown process. And with an integrated mixer, amplifier, and bass speaker, everything is in one place. There's no need to haul extra gear.

Think this design impacts the sound quality? Think again. Sporting Bose Spatial Dispersion™ technology, the L1 distributes a distinct and clear sound evenly throughout the room. And the speaker's unique vertical shape produces a beautifully balanced and smooth sound that everyone will enjoy, wherever they are in the room.


What comes in the package:

  • 1 x L1® Compact Power Stand
  • 1 x Power Stand/Loudspeaker Array Slip Cover
  • 1 x L1® Compact Loudspeaker Array
  • 1 x L1® Compact Extensions
  • 1 x Power Stand Cable
  • 1 x Extensions Carrying Bag
  • 1x  Microphone


Important: This product is for rent only. 

Bose-L1 (compact PA system)