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Tons of paper, endless Excel sheets, and countless attempts at arranging players ...
Familiar with that?

If you are looking for a simple solution to run and organize competitions, then you are in the right place! The Challanger app helps you organize a sports league in a professional and friendly way.


The Challanger platform allows you to take a step forward in organizing competitions and making your work easier. In one place we offer great management software, such as automatic scheduling of matches, communication between players and many other solutions which will make you much more confident in running competitions.


Selecting, creating, and configuring sports/competition system

You have the option of choosing the type of competition system (such as league), for which detailed selection proposals are prepared in advance according to your wishes. In the first step, data such as the date frame of the competition, the number of players, teams, the possibility of public/private view of competitions are entered. Given that each type of competition is of a specific nature, the settings are also adapted to this. Shortcuts for conducting and organizing competitions are available on all sides of the Challanger platform. Championship_CM - resolution 1320 – management.png
Managing competitons
1.5. CM – Edit - Edit competition details.png

copying, archiving Transfering competitions

You can copy finished and archived competitions and set a new one by choosing which part of settings from an old competition you want to apply for a new one.

​Additional Competition manager

​You don’t have time? What now? With just one click in the app, you can assign someone from your organization to help you with sorting and running your competitions.


The rules are predetermined for each type of competition. Some of them are obligatory and necessary for the organization of competitions for the purpose of correct calculation and statistics, while other rules are implied by the organizer according to his need and desire for the successful implementation of the competition.


The competition organizer can add players/teams or assign them to groups for further organization of the competition. Challanger also offers players the opportunity to determine their playing availability by day and time before the start of the competition.

1.5. CM – Edit - Set up start order.png
1.5. CM – Edit - Manage players.png
Player ranking

The competition manager has the possibility to determine the points according to the ATP system for each tournament he organizes; first, he determines the total number of points received by the winner of the tournament, and distributes points to each round played, according to the system - the higher the player comes to the tournament, the more points he receives. With each round won, the points obtained increase drastically. The winner receives the most points.

PLAYER RANKING Championship - ATP rankings – 3.png Championship - ATP rankings – 2.png

CM chooses the name of the tournament. Points can also be awarded for a consolation tournament if, of course, it is organized in parallel with the main tournament; there, the number of points scored is, of course, lower than in the main tournament. Championship - ATP rankings – 4.png

The competition manager can plan matches either manually by using filters to find the right pair of opponents, or the system does this automatically with pre-assumed features:

  • a specific day or calendar frame

  • time or time frame

  • selection according to the status of the game (all games, scheduled games, nonscheduled games)

  • selection of specific players

  • selection of players from the group or team / the whole group or team


The organizer has at any time during the competition the opportunity to change the player in case of illness or injury.

Comprehensive personalized management of competitions


The organizer of the competition sees the statuses of individual matches through filtering, insofar as he decides on the process of validating games by the player when creating competitions. The app is upgraded with match statuses and player statuses.

PERSONALIZATION Championship All games - Open filter.png
Group 4123.png

The application also allows any kind of editing of results, statistics as well as the replacement of players of already planned games. Once the results are entered into the management software, they are visible to everyone in real-time.


Creating news and adding audio/video material

As a competition organizer (CM) you can create general news and have the option of adding audio/video material for each match where its recordings are available.


The Club Page is intended for all clubs and groups that do not yet have their own public website. The Challanger Club site is public, which means that when you create it, the contest organizer obtains a URL web link that they can send to anyone.

The club page provides insight into all active competitions in the club, news, and all past and future matches. It also allows background customization and many other things.


The competition organizer can enter any notices important for its players or the general public, as well as manage the setting of the importance of notices/news.

Club webpage

Generating real-time printable reports and statistics

Player/team statistics are real-time data. The calculations in the management app are based on the assumed rules set by the CM and based on the entered results.


monitoring the competition

results and statistics

As soon as the Competition manager enrolls results in the app, you can see them in real-time. The statistics are constantly updated automatically.

Reports and statistics

The player has the ability to monitor the results and statistics of the competition in which he performs either at the club or individual level.

MATCH CONFIRMATION Player - 1 – 1.png

If the competition system requires the player to confirm the announced match dates, the player has the option to confirm or reject the match. Based on the competitor's availability data, the system can automatically determine matches based on his availability. Player - 1 – 1.png
Match confirmation

In your settings, you can edit your personal data and profile photo, as well as playing hours availability.

Managing data

Our court reservation feature makes it easy for you to better organize and get more players on the courts. The system is designed to be powerful but intuitive and easy to use - even for those who struggle with technology.


Give your players instant access to court availability and mobile booking capability. There will be no more simply showing up and hoping there is a court available. By optimizing the booking process, you can save your valuable time. With the transparent and efficient management of sports courts, you can increase the income of your enterprise or club.

Recurring Reservations and Closures 

Through our user-friendly interface, you can set up your recurring and seasonal reservations with ease. In the same way, you can easily cancel your reservation by clicking a button.

Challanger-court_reservations-redesign_01 – 2.png

Club branding and website integration

When adding your own ground, you can upload your club logo, ground photos, description, opening hours, and photos for each individual court. 
With the use of an iFrame, you can show your court schedule on your existing club website.

festive-audience-stadium-during-game copy.jpg

Since we want you to facilitate the complex processes of running the competition, we offer you general templates of rules that are different in each club and each competition type. Not only will you have an option to accommodate competitions based on your personal choice, but the Challanger development team can also customize to suit your unique preferences.


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