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Digitization in sports connects and creates new synergies

During the conference, interesting guests shared their knowledge and valuable experiences on the impact of our actions on society and the environment, including in the organization of sporting events.

Photos by: Tjaša Brajdih

SEŽANA, February 23, 2023 – The first Conference on Digitalization, Sustainable Development, and Social Responsibility in Sports was held at the Sežana Incubator. The conference creatively connected the challenges of organizing sports events and supporting the operations of sports organizations with the challenges of sustainable water usage as one of the basic resources for all human activities. The conference featured the following speakers: Dr. h.c. Violeta Bulc, curator of the global Ecocivilization movement, Lea Grlj and Gregor Jesenovec, who develop innovative solutions to improve the quality of water through their company Nattura, Iztok Kavčič, head of coach training at the Football Association of Slovenia, and Franci Hrovat, who has been organizing recreational tennis competitions for 25 years.

"Sport is one of the most important activities of modern humans due to its connection to health, socialization, culture, and the economy. As such, it creates an important impact on society and the natural environment. The Challenger team strives to contribute to reducing negative impacts on the environment, raising awareness and interest in environmental issues among people in sports, and accelerating the transition to a sustainable and environmentally friendly society. In doing so, it also collaborates with other partners in the sports field,"

said Tina Jančigaj Ausec, CEO of Befine-Pro and conference organizer.

Violeta Bulc emphasized, "We live in times when we decide the fate of the planet and humanity. Technology has not only alienated us from nature and fellow humans but also from ourselves. Therefore, the commitment to life based on the principles of sustainable development, where technology is a tool and not a goal, is not only necessary but also crucial for our flourishing. Sports and athletes are incredibly important opinion-makers and thus necessary ambassadors of sustainable development."

Conference attendees gained insight into modern educational approaches and didactic technologies used in training football coaches at the highest level, as well as good practices in using digital solutions in organizing sports competitions. At the same time, they learned about the challenges of today's water resource management, which affects individuals, local communities, governments, and international connections. Water sommeliers, in particular, drew attention to the unknown properties of water and possibilities for improving its quality for daily personal use, households, sports, and various economic activities.

The conference concluded with the presentation of a Slovenian innovation, the digital platform Challanger, that support sports organizations in organizing and managing competitions, reserving and managing sports facilities, promoting and communicating with the public, and collaborating with the media and sponsors. Franci Hrovat, the leader of recreational tennis competitions in the Primorska region, shared his positive experience using the application.

"Challanger is a platform that enables both amateur and professional sports organizations around the world to operate and perform effectively, similar to how Amazon's service has simplified global and local trade," summarized Jakob Žorž, event connector, marketing analyst, and digitalization journalist, at the end of the conference."

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