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Start your own competition effortlessly in minutes.
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We believe that Challanger will change the future of the sport

by putting power into your hands, allowing you to manage

competitions, and helping you at every step of the way.

From now on you will be able to maintain a

close relationship with your club members

through the Challanger adventure.


Every possibility is manageable with challanger platform

Challanger is a unique and fun platform for managing your competitions and players. We help you to become independent by providing integrated solutions. You are able to set up the competition, manage players, set results from the game and run your club page. That way you no longer have to worry about having fragmented information on different places.​​​


 One solution in one single platform 



High-quality software solution for recreational and professional sports organizers, competition leaders and athletes.


Support healthy lifestyle and sustainable development of amateur and professional sports with a simple digital platform.


Competition managers



Public access (general users)



Easy to create professional competition for any sport. Build a team or individual competition. You want to create a league or tournament or championship.

Your club will be widely visible


You can manage competition effortlessly. Management is easy, fast and intuitive.  


Your results will be always seen from every device. You will be able to communicate with the competiton manager at every moment.

Personalized accommodation

Since we want you to facilitate the complex processes of running the competition, we offer you general templates of rules that are different in each club and each competition types. Not only will you have an option for choosing 4 competition types, but you will have an option to accommodate competitions based on your personal choice.


TK Sežana has been for many years an organizer for tennis tournaments in the Karst coastal Slovenia region. By using the Challanger app, we as a club have further gained reputation and increased membership.

Dario Humar, President of TKS

Our Tennis club has been looking for a

long time for suitable solution for running competitions. After a few days of testing,

we found out with the members that the Challanger application was exactly what we needed.

TK Vanganel Franci Horvat, Competition manager



Are you eager to continue?

Try out the app and make your life easier. Create a team or learn more about solutions for clubs, leagues, and association solutions.

Process validation of the games

The competition manager can either choose to accept or decline a scheduled game on behalf of the player or the player can do that on his own.

Manually configurate the platform to fit your clubs operations.

Player will receive any notifications regarding their games such as hour, date and time. It will also be  synchronizing with the users calendar.

Filter visualisation

We know how searching a certain game or players can be time consuming, that’s we want facilitate by providing filtering in every step of your competition.

 Customize Challanger platform
with your club logo.

A soon as the Competition manager enrolls results the players can see them in real-time.

Real-time results
and notifications

Own dedicated club page

Creating competitions

Choosing among 4
competition types

Easy Set up start order

The system provides random
or manual start orders of the players' groups. 

Auto Scheduling

Select players;

Set dates, hour, and place;

Auto scheduled games;

 There you go, easy and fun, right? ​

E-mail notifications

Self - configurate

Challanger support many languages and provides instant translation into   English, Slovenian, Italian and Croatian. 

You don’t need papers to check who is attending the game and writing the result of each game. Challanger does that instead of you.

Detailed and accurate result management of all games and players.


Statistics management

No more paperwork

Our sport management system is   useful for any age. 

Straightforward shortcut access to all features

You can  add pictures of games, player and write important news  that will be visible to everyone.


Age-friendly use

User – friendly

easy tournament settings

We go to great lengths to ensure that all options that you can think of can be set in our tournament competition.

We provide general brackets for single elimination or consolidation round but you can manually change that and accommodate as you wish. In that way even if a player cancels the game, you can easily adapt the tournament with just a few clicks.

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